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BREATHE TO HEAL  Individual and Online Sessions and Small Group Workshops


How you breathe is how you live.

When you breathe openly, freely and easily you are living your life open to new things, free of worries and easily able to cope. When you have stress and tension in your life you develop stress and tension in your mind and your body. This leads to a sense of resistance and struggle, never being completely happy or at peace. Transformational Breath® enables you to relieve the stress, calm your mind and restore self-confidence.

Transformational Breath® is a gentle, safe process which encourages deeper breathing to increase oxygen flow in the body for physical and emotional benefit. It involves retraining the diaphragm to work more powerfully and release a cascade of these beneficial effects..


The activity loosens up restrictive breathing patterns, enabling you to breath more fully and freely, generating more energy and vitality. It enhances lung capacity, boosts the immune system and improves emotional well-being.


Transformational Breath® allows you to access higher levels of awareness and deepens meditation.

It can provide clarity and insights, restoring your self-confidence, joyfulness and sense of life’s purpose.

Anyone who wants to make a dramatic change in their life. Who wants to be healthier, happier and live a more fulfilled existence. This is an exciting process of self discovery, stepping into a new reality with new skills and aware of the new possibilities. Changing your life to suit yourself is possible. You know what is important to you.

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Meet your facilitator and trainer Lucy Williams

My Inspirational Story

Hi there, I’m Lucy Williams. I live in Saintfield, Northern Ireland. I have been working as a registered nurse in the NHS since I was 21, eventually specializing in cancer treatment and palliative care.

I was always a very healthy, active child but at the age of 18 I developed asthma, life became much more stressful and it got progressively worse. A dairy free diet and homeopathy helped for a while. I struggled on until I got a “wake-up call”. Using and practicing alternative therapies became my passion at 38 years old following a major turning point in my life when my asthma was so severe I couldn’t walk up a simple flight of stairs. I didn’t want to be hospitalized again. Over the years the medication I had been given to control the asthma had got stronger and stronger until I found there wasn’t anything more that was going to keep me functioning normally. Transformational Breath® has been a miracle worker for me. For 32 years I had felt my asthma was intractable but now I know otherwise. I no longer struggle to breath, laugh or sing. I can happily be out of breath running up the stairs or hiking up a hill. The Transformational Breath technique is perfect for reversing the effect of stress and tension in the body which can lead to a variety of persistent symptoms: mood swings, pains, digestive problems, allergies, breathing difficulties, fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety, hormone imbalances, high blood pressure, negative thinking and addictive behaviors.

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? Would you like to find the perfect solution to your health problems? I can give you the support and encouragement you need to heal yourself naturally, energetically, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

I am a certified facilitator, trainer and group leader with the Transformational Breath Foundation UK. I also work with my husband Brian who is a senior trainer and currently national leader for TBF UK.

Professional training of TBFUK practitioners is approved by the British Register of Complementary Practitioners (BRCP)

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The Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine selected Transformational Breath® UK as the winner of its prestigious ‘Best Complementary Medicine Organisation’ in 2014.


“Transformational Breath has been a miracle worker for me”

Workshops and Getaways

We have a range of workshops available for those wishing to have the most life-enhancing and revitalising experience. You can also try out a breathing circle or book a rejuvenating stay in our County Down home. 


The initial session lasts almost two hours and subsequent sessions about 1 hour 30 minutes. This is an ideal way to start with Transformational Breath® and explore the issues that hold you back and stop you living life to the full. Join me for a Transformational Breath® session and discover the power of your breath to live life fully in every way. This can be carried out in person or via Zoom video link online.

Available between 10.00am and 8.30pm

Online session £85 or 3 sessions for £240, payable in advance.


The aim is for you to experience the power of your breath and start to raise your energy and vibration. These are held in various locations and you can invite me to lead one in your area. The day includes two full breathing sessions as well as some introductory teaching and guidance on how to breathe, individual coaching on clarifying your intentions and support materials for continuing with self-sessions at home. Teas/coffees are provided and you are asked to bring a sharing lunch with you.

1 day: 9.30am – 5.30pm


Venues: various locations, and you can invite us to your area. 


Rejuvenating Getaways are an opportunity to come and stay with me and my husband Brian in our home in Saintfield, Co Down, Northern Ireland. This can be for three days, or longer by arrangement and the idea is to breathe, join us, if you wish, in our activities such as meditation, yoga, walking and eat along with us at home. You can also get health consultations as I practice herbal medicine, give nutritional advice, provide therapies such as Reiki, Kinesiology and Reflexology.

3 days, or more by arrangement

£150 PER DAY

Venue: our home in Saintfield, County Down



A seminar in a residential sacred setting that contributes to a profound, healing experience.

Each day includes two full breathing sessions, shorter breathing practices with meditation, some introductory teaching and guidance on how to breathe more openly, exercises towards greater self-revelations and understanding, individual coaching on clarifying your intentions and much more. A manual and support materials for continuing with self-sessions at home are included. The seminars are led by Senior Trainer Brian Williams. Completing the three Personal Levels is a requirement if you wish to train as a Facilitator at the next level. 1 week – 6 days

Course fees: £1150

Accommodation: £360 Venue: Benburb Servite Priory near Armagh in County Tyrone
Are you ready to take the first step on your journey to well-being?           You can try an introductory workshop


Some of the clients we have helped:

 The transformational breath week was a deeply nourishing and expansive experience. I really enjoyed moving through the different aspects of being every few days; body, emotions, and spirit. A truly integrated week. I felt so safe to travel really deeply into my experience through each breathing session, and there were a lot! 🙂 I also left feeling deeply nourished not only by the stunning setting and delicious food but from the beautiful group of people, the soulful conversations and deep belly laughs!

Kathryn Davies

 East Sussex

It was so relaxing doing (Online Transformational Breath® sessions) at home. Really impressed it worked from such a distance. The experience was so beneficial to me as the timing was just when I needed it. I was stuck in making a video of myself for my yoga students as I am camera shy. Lucy your kind words encouraged me to make and actually send a video of me to my students.


 County Down

 This treatment changed my life in different ways such as my mental health as well as physically. When I had my breathing session I felt the benefit from the beginning. I felt a new energy and happiness.

Lucy is very professional in all of her treatments. I felt very safe, listened to and understood. Lucy is able to give you the best treatment for you to heal. She is an excellent holistic therapist.


After one consultation with Lucy and having followed her recommendations, I feel so much better; more myself with improved energy levels, less anxious and better concentration.



Thank you, Lucy and Brian, for helping me through an amazing journey over two days. I have certainly “reclaimed my breath”. I overcame so many issues. I didn’t realize how many I had. I cried, laughed and felt freer than I have ever known. Also on the Monday after the course I felt so much calmer and more focused. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


County Down

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