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Summer 2020 Update

Summer 2020 Update

Inspired Health

New Online Transformational Breath® guided sessions.

In the comfort and safety of your own home you can now access the training and support you need to improve your health with this amazingly effective breathwork practice.

My sessions are specially designed for anyone with breathing difficulties or respiratory conditions to restore a healthier lung function and more open breathing pattern. This in turn aids better sleep, more energy, feeling happy and relaxed and the freedom to enjoy life to the full.

This technique is designed to relax the breathing muscles especially the diaphragm to support the lungs to function better, clear catarrh, reduce infections and improve circulation. In this way it supports medical treatments to work better so the body can heal faster.

This is a technique that is designed to be used daily for 5-10mins at home with monthly group or individual sessions to maintain progress and be supported. More intensive 2 day trainings will also be available.

You can call me for a free initial consultation or conversation prior to booking.

The introductory price for the online session is £40. Available to the end of 2020. Contact me via email: lucy@k2w.co.uk or call 07855938235.