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Transformational Breath® Personal Levels 1 – 3, Seminar

Transformational Breath® Personal Levels 1 – 3, Seminar

Benburb Priory

1 August – 7 August 2020 Benburb Priory, Northern Ireland

Take time for yourself in a deeply sacred space to connect to your breath and find the magnificence of who you truly are. Join Brian and Lucy Williams for the amazing, life-enhancing Transformational Breath® Personal Levels 1 – 3 in the serenity of Benburb Priory. This summertime seminar will give you the opportunity to become calm and relaxed, release trapped emotions, connect to your higher self and create a whole new positive future.

The seminar will be led in English by Senior Trainer, Brian Williams and his team of Transformational Breath® Facilitators. This is an experiential course with the primary focus on the Transformational Breath® sessions. We will also be incorporating some simple yoga exercises, sound healing and a variety of other modalities to help you reach your highest potential. You will be given a Transformational Breath® Seminar Manual, a treasure-house of information, and taught the techniques to continue on your breathwork journey after the course.  During the relaxed lunch and dinner breaks, there will be lots of time for friendships, fun and laughter and exploring your creative self.

The seminar is being held in Benburb Priory, Northern Ireland.  The Priory is a magical place with wonderful clear energy in the middle of a historic landscape www.benburbpriory.com. It is located in beautiful woodlands, through which flows the Blackwater River, with many nature walks. Benburb will be in its summer state with long, bright evenings, trees in heavy leaf and everything looking at its best. The accommodation is of a simple but comfortable standard with all rooms being single occupancy. All meals and tea breaks are included in the cost and special dietary and access needs are provided for.

Participants should arrive on Saturday 1 August in time for dinner at 6 p.m. The course ends at 3.30 p.m. on Friday 7 August 2020.

Travel to the event:

For those travelling by air from the UK, either of the two Belfast airports are good options. For international participants, there is the option to fly to Dublin Airport. There are good bus connections and local taxis are relatively inexpensive and an ideal way to make the connection.

The course fee is £1150

The cost of full board accommodation, single occupancy is £360 for the course duration.

Training and Registration Contact:
Brian Williams
Phone: 0044 7710879967